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  Nationalist Ideology & Antisemitism: The Case of Romanian Intellectuals in the 1930s.
Volovici, Leon / Kormos, Charles [Tr.] 1991 Pergamon Press $75.00 More Details
  Kimpolung-Bukowina: A memorial of the Jewish communnity in Kimpolung and surroundings [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET]
Avny, S. 2003 the committee of former residents of Kimpolung-Bukowina and Surroundings $84.85 More Details
  Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia [Encyclopedia] of Jewish Communities - Rumania [Romania] [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET]
1969 / 1980 Yad Vashem $96.97 More Details
Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina [Bukovina] [VOLUME 2 ONLY] [LIMITED EDITION].
Gold, Hugo [Ed.] / Gelber, N. M.; Sternberg, Hermann; Reifer, Manfred; Kittner, Alfred; Getzler, Nathan; Ebner, J.; Ehrlich, Chaim; et al. 1962 Edition "Olamenu" $245.00 More Details
  Prezente Rabinice in Perimetrul Romanesc: Secolele XVI-XXI [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Tercatin, Baruch; Herscovici, Lucian-Zeev 2008 Hasefer $45.00 More Details
  Yiddish Cradle Songs [IN HEBREW] [Signed by author]
Katz, Benjamin; Kopstein, Bracha [Ed.] / Ofek, Uriel [Trans.] 1983 Shalom $28.79 More Details
The Tragedy of Romanian Jewry [Rumanian].
Braham, Randolph [Ed.] / Fischer-Galati, Stephen; Ancel, Jean; Florian, R.; Ioanid, Radu; Eskenazy, Victor; Florian, A.; Rotman, L.; et al. 1994 The Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, Graduate Center / The City University of New York and Social Science Monographs / Boulder $125.00 More Details
  The Synagogue in Romania
Streja, Aristide; Lucian Schwarz / Weiner, George [Tr.] / Prager, Viviane [Ed.] 2009 Hasefer $30.00 More Details
  Die Judenpogrome in Russland - I. Allgemeiner Teil / II. Einzeldarstellungen [TWO VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER].
Linden, A. / Fischer, M. / Umanski, A. / Josefi, P. / Krutschanski, J. 1910 Jüdischer Verlag $70.00 More Details
  Michael: On the History of the Jews in the Diaspora: Volume VI [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Minc, Matityahu; Simonsohn, Shlomo [Eds.] 1980 The Diaspora Research Institute / Tel Aviv University $19.70 More Details
  Nationalist Ideology and Antisemitism: The Case of Romanian Intellectuals in the 1930s
Volovici, Leon 1991 Pergamon Press $95.00 More Details
The Economic Destruction of Romanian Jewry
Ancel, Jean 2007 Yad Vashem: the International Institute for Holocaust Research $30.00 More Details
  Ember in the Dark / Lichtfunkel in der Dunkelheit
Felter, Alexander S. 2004 $13.64 More Details
  Personalities from Jewish Communities in Europe.
Coren, Alexander 1989 Royal Printing $13.64 More Details
Sela-Saldinger, Eliahu 1996 H. Leivik Press: Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel $19.70 More Details
  The Revolt of the Pedestrians: The Jews in Rumania During the 19th. Century and the Beginning of the 20th. Century [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
Arnon, Ze`ev Shlomo 1995 Rubin Mass $19.70 More Details
  Les Juifs en Roumanie (1866-1919): De l`Exclusion a l`Emancipation [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Iancu, Carol 1978 L`Universite de Provence $80.00 More Details
  Radacini si Furtuna: Antologie a scriitorilor evrei de limba romana [IN HEBREW]
Bertini, K. A.; Yoffe, A. B.; Littman-Litany, Dora [Ed.] 1972 Eked $19.70 More Details
  Dainuire prin Piatra: Monumentele Cimitirului Medieval Evreiesc de la Siret
Sanie, Silviu 2000 Hasefer $65.00 More Details
  Education as a Reflection of Society : The Jewish-Romanian School (1851-1914) [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT].
Rotman, Liviu 1999 The Goldstein-Goren Center for the History of the Jews in Romania \ The Diaspora Research Institute, Tel Aviv University $16.67 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 26) 

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