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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge [IN HEBREW]
Bergmann, Hugo 1940 At the University Press $29.69 More Details
    A Trilogy about Plato and Aristole [IN HEBREW]
Al-Farabi, Abu Nasr / Shiffman, Yair [Tr`] 2023 IDRA Publishing $29.69 More Details
    [IN HEBREW] The Ontological Issue
Bar-On, Avraham Zvie 1984 Magnes Press \ The Hebrew University $18.75 More Details
    Body and Mind [IN HEBREW]
Campbell, Keith / Navon, Yoram [TRANSLATION] / Leibowitz, Isaiah [EDIT] 1987 Magnes Press \ The Hebrew University $14.06 More Details
    Le Neoplatonisme
1971 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique $75.00 More Details
    Hermann Cohen Und Die Zunkuft Jisrael
Goldstein, Walter / Buber, Marin [INTRODUCTION] 1963 Rubin Mass $25.00 More Details
    Spinoza: L`experience et L`eternite
Moreau, Pierre-Francois 1994 Presses Universitaires de France $45.00 More Details
  Rejoice O Youth!: An Integrated Jewish Ideology
Miller, Avigdor 1961 $35.00 More Details
  Representative Government [IN HEBREW]
Mil, John Stuart / Ur, Joseph [TRANSLATION] 1958 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $14.06 More Details
  Auf Hiobs Wage: Uber Die Quellenm Der Ewigen Wahrheiten
Schestow, Leo / Rouff, Hans ; von Walter, Reinhold [TRANSLATION] 1929 Lambert Schneider $95.00 More Details
  The Governance of the Solitary (Tadbir al-Mutwahhid) [IN HEBREW]
Ibn Bajjah / Shiffman, Yair [TRANSLATION] 2021 IDRA $23.44 More Details
  The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Frank, H. D. \ Leaman, Oliver 2003 Cambridge University Press $35.00 More Details
  Lectures on Philosophy of Religion
Guttman, Julius 1981 Magnes Press \ The Hebrew University $15.00 More Details
  Pillars of Jewish Thought [THIRD VOLUME ONLY. VOLUME III: The Philosophic Teachings of Rabbi Hasdai Crescas] [SIGNED] [IN HEBREW]
Bunem Urbach, Symcha 1961 Word Zionist Organization $56.25 More Details
  From Paramenides to Contemporary Thinkers: Readings in Ontology [TWO VOLUMES SET] [IN HEBREW]
Bar-On, Abraham Zvie 1977 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $29.69 More Details
  The Jewish Community of Vienna Between The Two World Wars, 1918-1938
Palmon, Avraham 1985 $56.25 More Details
  Maimonidean Studies [VOL.1 ONLY]
Hyman, Arthur [EDIT] 1990 Yeshiva University Press $65.00 More Details
  Metsudah (Fortress): Essays and Studies [IN HEBREW]
Rawidowicz, Simon [EDIT] 1954 Ararat Publishing Society $56.25 More Details
  Werke von Gaius Cornelius Tacitus [VOL. 1 ONLY]
von Woltmann, Karl Ludwig [TRANSLATION] 1811 $30.00 More Details
  Le Marxisme [IN HEBREW]
Lefebvre, Henri / Dorfman, Eran [Tr.] / Elyada, Ouzi [Scientific adviser] 2005 Resling $17.19 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 567) 

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