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Author Year Publication name Price Action
Halperin, Paphael 1978 Ruach Ya`akov $19.70 More Details
Halperin, Paphael 1978 Ruach Ya`akov $28.79 More Details
    The Yochanan Ben Zakkai Four Sepharadi Synagogues
Reiner, Elchanan 1973 The Jerusalem Foundation $10.61 More Details
    Spain and Jerusalem: The History of Dassa Family [IN HEBREW]
Dassa, David R. 1992 published by author $36.36 More Details
    Hispania Judaica Series Volume III: Conversos On Trial- The Inquisition in Ciudad Real
Beinart, Haim [Ed.] 1981 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $120.00 More Details
    The Maggid of Cardo: The Mystic Life of the Eminent Codifier Joseph Caro as Revealed in his Secret Diary - Based on Unpublished Manuscripts
Loeb Gordon, Hirsch 1949 Pardes / The Shoulson Press $20.00 More Details
  History of the Jews in Aragon - Regesta and Documents 1213-1327
Régné, Jean / Assis, Yom Tov [Ed.] / Gruzman, Adam [Ed.] 1978 The Magness Press $700.00 More Details
    The Tahkemoni: Volume II - Gates Sixteen Through Fifty [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Al-Harizi, Judah / Reichert, Victor Emanuel [Tran.] 1973 Raphael Haim Cohen $30.00 More Details
    From Christianity to Judaism: The Story of Isaac Orobio de Castro.
Kaplan, Yosef / Loewe, Raphael [Tran.] 1989 Oxford University Press $25.00 More Details
    The Jewish Tale in the Middle Ages between Ashkenaz and Sepharad
Zfatman, Sara 1993 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $36.36 More Details
    Djoha, Ke Dize?: Kuentos Populares Djudeo-Espanyoles [IN HEBREW AND SPANISH]
Koen-sarano [Cohen], Matilda 1991 Kana $36.36 More Details
    Documents from the Collection of Elie Eliachar: A Survey [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY EDITOR].
Haim, Abraham [Ed.] 1971 Carta $40.00 More Details
    Sepharadim: Romanische Poesien der Juden in Spanien - Ein Beitrag Literatur und Geschichte Der Spanisch - Portugiesischen Juden
Kayserling, M. [Meyer] 1859 Hermann Mendelssohn $35.00 More Details
    Dictionary of Sephardic Given Names
Tagger, Mathilde A. 2015 Avotaynu $20.00 More Details
  Misgav Yerushalayim Studies in Jewish Literature [IN HEBREW AND SPANISH]
Hazan, Ephraim [Ed.] 1987 Misgav Yerushalayim- Institute for Research on the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Heritage $13.64 More Details
  Remembering Sepharad: Jewish Culture in Medieval Spain
Bango, Isidro G. 2003 Seaces: State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad $20.00 More Details
Moreshet Sepharad: The Sephardi Legacy [Two volume set]
Beinart, Haim [Ed.] 1992 The Magness Press $65.00 More Details
  Jehuda Halevi: Zionslieder.
Jehuda Halevi [Judah] / Rosenzweig, Franz [Tr.] 1933 Schocken $20.00 More Details
  The Book of Tahkemoni: Jewish Tales from Medieval Spain.
Alharizi, Judah / Simha Segal, David [Tr.] 2003 The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization $48.00 More Details
  The Jews in Barcelona 1213-1291: Regesta of Documents from the Archivo Capitular [IN SPANISH].
Cinta Mane, Maria ; Assis, Yom Tov [Eds.] 1988 Ginzei Am Olam / Hispania Judaica / The Hebrew University $95.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 219) 

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