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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Islamic Coins: Exhibition - Winter 1976
Berman, Ariel 1976 L. A. Mayer Memorial Institute for Islamic Art $30.00 More Details
  Islamic Medicine.
Ullmann, Manfred 1978 Edinburgh University Press $20.00 More Details
  Strengthening Religious Tolerance for a Secure Civil Society in Albania and the Southern Balkans
Pettifer, James ; Nazarko, Mentor [Ed.] 2007 IOS Press $65.00 More Details
  The Ruins of Jerusalem: A History of Jerusalem Under the Government of Muhammad Ibn Farrukh [IN HEBREW]
Rozen, Minna [Ed.] 1981 Tel-Aviv University $13.24 More Details
  The Hedaya, or Guide: A Commentary on the Mussulman Laws - Second Edition
Hamilton, Charles [Trans.] / Grove Grady, Standish [Preface, Index] 1957 New Book Company / Premier Book House $45.00 More Details
Studies in Islamic Law and Society: The Reinstatement of Islamic Law in Sudan under Numayri [SIGNED AND DEDICATED]
Layish, Aharon / Warburg, Gabriel R. 2002 Brill $220.00 More Details
  Shari`a and Custom In Libyan Tribal Society: An Annotated Translation of Decisions from the Shari`a Courts of Adjabiya and Kufra.
Layish, Aharon 2005 Brill $65.00 More Details
  The Encyclopaedia of Islam: New Edition - Index of Subjects to Volumes I-VIII and to Supplement, Fascicules 1-6
Bearman, Peri J. [Ed.] 1996 E.J. Brill $20.00 More Details
  Studies in Islamic Society: Contributions in Memory of Gabriel Baer
Warburg, Gabriel R. ; Gilbar, Gad G. [Ed.] 1984 Haifa University Press $20.00 More Details
  Religion and Law: Biblical-Judaic and Islamic Perspectives
Firmage, Edwin B. ; Weiss, Bernard G. ; Welch, John W. [Ed.] 1990 Eisenbrauns $35.00 More Details
  The Calendar and its Use for Chronological purposes: Including a Jewish-Christian-Moslem Calendar From the Creation to the Year 6000 A.M. [IN HEBREW]
Akavia, A. A. [Abraham] 1953 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $22.06 More Details
  Families in Politics: Damascene Factions and Estates of the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Schatkowski Schilcher, Linda 1985 Franz Steiner $35.00 More Details
  Revolt: The Social and Military Aspects of the Abbasid Revolution.
Sharon, Moshe 1990 The Max Schloessinger Memorial Fund, The Hebrew University $45.00 More Details
  The Supreme Muslim Council: Islam under the British Mandate for Palastine
Kupferschmidt, Uri M. 1987 E. J. Brill $45.00 More Details
  Annales: Quos Scripsit Abu Djafar Mohammed Ibn Djarir At-Tabari
Goeje, M. J. [Ed.] 1901 E. J. Brill $120.00 More Details
  Conversion to Islam in the Medieval Period: An Essay in Quantitative History
Bulliet, Richard W. 1979 Harvard University Press $45.00 More Details
  Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem: 1948-1990 [IN HEBREW].
Reiter, Yitzhak 1991 The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies $16.18 More Details
  Islamic Civilisation: 950-1150.
Richards, D. S. [Ed.] 1973 Bruno Cassirer $95.00 More Details
  Palestinian Leader Hajj Amin Al-Husayni: Mufti of Jerusalem
Jbara, Taysir 1985 The Kingston Press $110.00 More Details
  The Tunisia of Ahmad Bey: 1837-1855
Brown, Leon Carl 1974 Princeton University Press $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 253) 

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