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  Irit Segal Israeli - Artist Book: The Chronicles of Irit Segal Israeli`s Sabra in its Encounter with the German Sausage and Upon its Return to the Yarkon Landscapes in Tel Aviv
Segal Israeli, Irit / Polak, Doron [CURATOR] 2009 [PUBLISHED BY ARTIST] $19.70 More Details
  Soldier, Scientist, and Statesman: A Biography of Yuval Ne`eman
Watson, Andrew 2006 Ramot / Tel Aviv University $20.00 More Details
  Who`s who in Israel and Jewish Personalities from All Over the World [Special Jubilee Issue]
Ben, Itzhak [Benditer] ; Abraham, Pick ; Milstein, David [Eds.] 1999 Who`s who in Israel $25.00 More Details
  Inter-Relationships Between the Jewish and Arab Sectors in Jerusalem: Economic and Spatial Aspects [IN HEBREW].
Romann, Michael 1984 The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies $16.67 More Details
  Mein Leben
Meir, Golda / Degner, Helmut [Tr.] 1975 Hoffman und Campe $20.00 More Details
  State Cults: Celebrating Independence and Commemorating the Fallen in Israel, 1948-1956 [IN HEBREW]
Azaryahu, Maoz 1995 The Ben-Gurion Research Center / Sede Boker Campus / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press $13.64 More Details
  Jerusalem: Daily Life [IN HEBREW]
Hasson, Shlomo [Ed.] 1989 The Ministry of Interior / The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies $14.55 More Details
  Palestinian Arab Politics
Ma`oz, Moshe [Ed.] 1975 The Jerusalem Academic Press / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / The Harry S Truman Research Institute $18.00 More Details
  Life is with the Palestinians [IN HEBREW]
Eliachar, Elie 1975 $13.64 More Details
  Jewish Palestinian Volunteering in the British Army During the Second World War: Volume II - The Struggle for a Jewish Army [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]
Gelber, Yoav 1987 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $16.67 More Details
  Promise Unfulfilled
Krivine, David $18.00 More Details
  With Heart Aflame: David Ben-Gurion`s Struggle for the Image of Israel and its Leadership, 1963-1967 [IN HEBREW]
Shalom, Zaki 2004 The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism / Sede Boqer Campus / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev $16.67 More Details
  Judea and Samaria Research Studies: Proceedings of the 1st Annual Meeting - 1991 [IN HEBREW]
H. Erlich, Zeev; Eshel, Ya`acov [Ed`] 1992 Rubin Mass / The College of Judea and Samaria $19.70 More Details
  Yetzhak Rabin and the Druze Community
Nasser El Deen, Amal 2003 Asia $16.67 More Details
  Partners in Destiny: The Druzes in Israel
Peled, David; Shachrai, Emmanuel; Naser al Din, Amel 1977 Ronigal $36.36 More Details
  Political Parties and Organizations During the British Mandate for Palestine, 1918-1948 [IN HEBREW]
Ben-Avram, Baruch 1978 The Historical Society of Israel / The Zalman Shazar Center $19.70 More Details
  She`erit Hapletah, 1944-1948: Rehabilitation and Political Struggle [IN HEBREW]
Gutman, Yisrael ; Drechsler, Adina [Eds.] 1990 Yad Vashem $13.64 More Details
  Jerusalem: Song of Songs [SIGNED BY AUTHORS] [LIMITED EDITION #15 OF #300 COPIES]
Uris, Jill and Leon 1981 Doubleday $28.79 More Details
  Voice of Israel - Abba Eban
Eban, Abba 1957 Horizon $20.00 More Details
  How Israel is Governed / Israel-Nation Souveraine [IN HEBREW, ENGLISH AND FRENCH]
Klinov, I. ; Kariv, I [Eds.] / Sherf, Zeev [Intro.] 1952 Laam $16.67 More Details

Showing books 61 to 80 (of 281) 

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