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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Light On Israel [SIGNED]
Samuel, Maurice 1968 Alfred A. Knopf $20.00 More Details
  Handbook of the Jewish Communal Villages In Palestine
Samuel, Edwin 1945 The Zionist Organization Youth Department $37.50 More Details
  Housing In Israel: Economic & Sociological Aspects
Drabkin - Darin, H. 1957 Gadish Books $30.00 More Details
  Jaffa: A city In Evolution - 1799 - 1917
Kark, Ruth \ Brand, Gila [Tr.] 1990 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $95.00 More Details
  Haifa or Life in the Holy Land 1882 - 1885
Oliphant, Laurence / Zeevy, Rechavam [Introduction] 1976 Canaan $37.50 More Details
  Jerusalem is Called Liberty
Lever, Walter 1951 Massadah Publishing co. $38.00 More Details
  The Yarmukians: Neolithic Art From Sha`ar Hagolan
Garfinkel, Yosef [Ed`] 1999 Bible Lands Museum $20.00 More Details
  Haifa: or Life in the Hply Land 1882 - 1885 [signed]
Zeevy, Rechavam 1976 Canaan Publishing House $35.00 More Details
  The Road to Ein Harod - A Contemporary Jorney
Galnoor, Efrat 2022 Efrat Galnoor / Sternthal Books $40.00 More Details
The Land Law of Palestine
Goadby, Frederic M. / Doukhan, Moses J. 1935 Shoshany`s Printing Co. (Sweet & Maxwell / S. Bursi / P. Kadi) $280.00 More Details
The Land Law of Palestine
Goadby, Frederic M. / Doukhan, Moses J. 1935 Shoshany`s Printing Co. (Sweet & Maxwell / S. Bursi / P. Kadi) $180.00 More Details
  The Ghassanids and the Fall of the Golan Synagogues.
Ma`oz, Zvi Uri 2008 Archaostyle $30.00 More Details
  Geography of Israel
Orni, Efraim; Efrat, Elisha 1964 Israel Program for Scientific Translations $30.00 More Details
  Atlas of the Inland-Water Diatom Flora of Israel
Ehrlich, Aline 1995 The Geological Survey of Israel / The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $20.00 More Details
  Entebbe: The Jonathan Netanyahu Story - A Defining Moment in the War on Terrorism
Netanyahu, Iddo / Hazoni, Yoram [Trans.] 2003 Balfour Books $20.31 More Details
  Palastina und die Judischen Colonien
1979 Ariel $18.75 More Details
  The Village of Silwan: The Necropolis From the Period of the Judean ingdom
Ussishkin, David 1993 Israel exploration society / Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $40.00 More Details
  Outremer: Studies in the History of the Crusading Kingdom of Jerusalem - Presented to Joshua Prawer
Kedar, B. Z. ; Mayer, H. E. ; Smail, R. C. [Ed.] 1982 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi Institute $56.25 More Details
  Pottery of Crusader, Ayyubid, and Mamluk Periods in Israel.
Avissar, Miriam ; J. Stern, Edna 2005 Israel Antiquities Authority $35.00 More Details
  Investigations at Beth Shean: The Early Iron Age Strata.
Yadin, Yigael ; Geva, Shulamit 1986 The Institute of Archaeology - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $30.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 856) 

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