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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Historical Geography of the Bible: The Tribal Territories of Israel
Kallai, Zecharia 1986 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University / E. J. Brill $35.00 More Details
  Treasures of the Bible Lands: The Elie Borowski Collection
Merhav. Rivka [Ed.] 1987 Modan / Tel Aviv Museum $20.31 More Details
  Bible Commentators- Second Enlarged Edition [Two Volume Set]
Melammed, Ezra Zion 1978 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $75.00 More Details
  Studies in Bible and Exegesis: Arie Toeg in Memoriam [IN HEBREW].
Simon, Uriel ; Goshen-Gottstein, Moshe [Eds.] 1980 Bar-Ilan University $14.06 More Details
  Das Deuteronomische Gesetz: Eien Literarkritische, Gattungs- und Uberlieferungsgeschichliche Untersuchung zu Dt 12-26
Merendino, Rosario Pius 1969 Peter Hanstein $20.00 More Details
Rudolph, Wilhelm 1966 Gerd Mohn $20.00 More Details
  Moses and the Law in a Century of Criticism since Graf
Thompson, R. G. 1970 E. J. Brill $20.00 More Details
  Ramban: The Torah: with Ramban`s Commentary Translated, and Elucidated: Bereishis/Genesis: Volume 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [BILINGUAL EDITION IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW].
Blinder, Yaakov 2017 Mesorah Publications $20.00 More Details
  The Pentateuch and Rashi`s Commentary: A Liniar Translation into English - Leviticus
Rashi / Ben Isaiah, Abraham; Sharfman, Bejamin 1949 S.S. & R. Publishing Company $18.00 More Details
  La Tomba di Rahel [Rachel]: La Sua Relazione con la Bibbia e la Questione della Tomba di Rahel
Lombardi, G. [Guido] 1971 Frranciscan Printing Press $45.00 More Details
  The Sequence of Events in the Old Testament [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Shulman, Eliezer / Lederhendler, Sarah [Trans.] 1987 Ministry of Defence $37.50 More Details
  The Peshitta: It`s Use in Literature and Liturgy: Papers read at the Third Peshitta Symposium
Haar Romney, Bas Ter [Ed.] 2006 Brill $65.00 More Details
  The Commentary of David Kimhi: On the Fifth Book of the Psalms : CVII-CL [BILINGUAL EDITION IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW].
Bosniak, Jacob 1954 [5714] The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $30.00 More Details
  Biblical Stories in Islamic Paintings
Brosh, Na`ama; Milstein, Rachel 1991 The Israel Museum $25.00 More Details
  Die Weisheitslehre im Alten Orient: Elemente einer Formgeschichte
Romheld, K. F. D. 1989 Manfred Gorg $25.00 More Details
  The Five Books of Moses [Torah; Pentateuch] - Illustrations from the Works of Abel Pann / Les Cinq Livres de Moïse [Le Pentateuque] - Illustrations Tirées de l`Oeuvre d`Abel Pann [HORS COMMERCE LIMITED EDITION].
Pann, Abel [ARTIST] / Kollek, Teddy; Hazan, Rabbi A. & Ofrat, Gideon [Intr.] / Etgar, Raphie [Design & Production] / Gahnassia, Yael [Ed.] 1989 Mayanot Gallery $650.00 More Details
  Israel, God`s Key to Redemption
Josephson, Elmer A. / Flusser, David [Intro.] 1986 Bible Light $20.00 More Details
  Bibel und Talmudschatz; Ein Buch fur die Judische Familie
Kohn, J. H / Bamberger, S. [Seligman Baer] [Isaac Dov] [Ed.] 1936 J. Kauffmann $25.00 More Details
  The Bible as Read and Preached in the Old Synagogue: Volume 1: The Palestinian Triennial Cycle: Genesis And Exodus. [VOLUME 1 ONLY] [FACSIMILE] [IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW].
Mann, Jacob 1970 $75.00 More Details
  Hebrew Myths: The book of Genesis.
Graves, Robert; Patai, Raphael 1965 Cassell $30.00 More Details

Showing books 61 to 80 (of 1182) 

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