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Author Cicero / Winstedt, E. O. ; William, W. Glynn ; Cary, M. ; Greenwood, L. H. G. / Watts, N. H. ; Ker, Walter C. A. ; Gardner, R. [Trans.]
Place of Publication London / Cambridge, Massachusetts
Publication Name William Heinemann / Harvard University Press
Year 1971 / 1965 / 1964 / 1963 / 1962 / 1961
Language(s) English
NINETEEN VOLUME SET. [VOL. I, II, III]: Letters to Atticus in Three Volumes / [VOL. IV, V, VI]: The letters to his friends in Three Volumes / [VOL. VII, VIII]: The Verrine Operations in Two Volumes / [VOL. IX]: The Speeches - Pro Arichia Poeta - Post Reditum in Senatu - Post Reditum ad Quirites - De Domo Sua - De Haruspicum Responsis - Pro Plancio / [VOL. X]: The Speeches - Pro Caelio - de Provinciis Consularibus - Pro Balbo / [VOL. XI]: The Speeches - Pro Sestio and In Vatinium / [VOL. XII]: The Speeches - Pro T. Annio Milone - In L. Calpurnium Pisoem - Pro M. Aemilio Scauro - Pro M. Fonteio - Pro C. Rabirio Postumo - Pro M. Marcello - Pro Q. Ligario - Pro Rege Deiotaro [VOL. XIII]: The Speeches - In Catilinam I-V - Pro Murena - Pro Sulla - Pro Flacco [XIV]: The Speeches - Pro Lege Manilia - Pro Caecina - Pro Cluentio - Pro Rabirio - Perduellionis [VOL. XV]: Cicero in Twenty-Eight Volumes - V -Brutus - Orator / [VOL. XVI]: Cicero in Twenty-Eight Volumes - VI - Pro Publio Quinctio - Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino - Pro Quinto Roscio Comoedo - de Lege Agraria I., II., III / [VOL. XVII]: Philippics / [VOL. XVIII]: De Re Publica de Legibus / [VOL. XIX]: De Senectute de Amicitia, de Divinatione. [ALL VOLUMES]: 11.5x17 cm. 495+441+457+754+636+528+503+693+550+382+373+546+484+495+537+503+655+533+567 pages. Gilt hardcover. Cover edges slightly chafed. Pen writing on first white page. Pencil writing on several pages. [VOL XVI]: Top of spine slightly chafed. [IN CONCLUSION]: Else in good condition.
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Catalog Index Number AR 1844 004

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