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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    J`ai Aime Une Fille: Une Correspondance Confidentielle [IN HEBREW]
Trobish, Walter \ Tavor, A [Trans.] 1975 Yanetz $14.06 More Details
  The Pearl and the Flame: A Journey Into Jewish Wisdom and Ecological Thinking
Margalit, Natan 2022 Albion Andalus $30.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    The Hebrew Rhyming Dictionary [IN HEBREW]
Avneyon, Eitan 2001 Eitav $20.31 More Details
    Contemplations: Dedicated To Mordehai Martin Buber On The Occasion Of Eightieth Birthday [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Bergman, S. H. 1958 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $23.44 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    They Too Are Called Human: Gentiles in the Eyes of Maimondies [IN HEBREW]
Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman
Kellner, Menachem 2016 Bar-Ilan University Press $20.31 More Details
    Ecoute Mon Fils
Azoulay, Salomon / Sirat, Rene Samuel [Preface] Jerusalem Productions $20.00 More Details
    Studies in the History of the Jewish People [VOL.1+2] [IN HEBREW]
Baer, Yitzhak F. 1985 The Historical Society of Israel $37.50 More Details
    Economy at War: Studies on the Civilian Society During the Israeli War of Independence [IN HEBREW]
Bar-On, Mordechai ; Greenberg, Itzhak ; Chazan, Meir [Ed] 2017 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $37.50 More Details
    A Phonology of Mishnaic Hebrew (Analyzed Materials) [IN HEBREW]
Studies in Language XIX
Sharvit, Shimon / Cohen, Smadar [COPYEDITOR] 2016 The Academy of the Hebrew Language $26.56 More Details
    The Sunna and Shi`a in History: Division and Ecumenism in the Muslim Middle East
Bengio, Ofra ; Litvak, Meir [EDIT] 2011 Palgrave Macmillan $30.00 More Details
    The Jews of Lebanon: Between Coexistence and Conflict
Schulze, Kirsten E. 2009 Sussex Academic Press $25.00 More Details
    The Ransomed of God: The Remarkable Story of One Woman`s Role in the Rescue of Syrian Jews [SIGNED]
Troper, Harold 1999 Malcolm Lester Books $18.75 More Details
    Men in the Court of the Women: Source - Book [IN HEBREW]
The Temple of Jerusalem Part IV
Selig Kaufman, Asher 2010 Har Yera`eh Press $20.31 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe 1815-1945 [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: Antisemitism - Historical Series
Almog, Shmuel 1988 The Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History - The Historical Society of Israel $14.06 More Details
    Scritti In Memoria Di Sally Mayer (1875 - 1953): Saggi sull`Ebraismo Italiano [IN ITALIAN AND HEBREW]
il Dottore Nahon, Umberto 1956 Fondazione Sally Mayer $30.00 More Details
    A People that Dwells Alone: Speeches and Writings of Yaacov Herzog
Louvish, Misha [Ed.] 1975 Weidenfeld and Nicolson $48.00 More Details
    On Its Own Threshold : The Formulation of Israel`s Policy on the Palestinian Refugee Issue, 1948-1956 [IN HEBREW]
Tovy, Jacob \ Rothmann, Smadar [Ed.] 2008 Thr Ben-Gurion Research Institute - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev \ Herzel Institute $20.31 More Details
  Hitler`s Mein Kampf [16 VOLS. OF 18 ONLY] [VOLS. 13 AND 17 MISSING]
In 18 weekly parts, illustrated by 200 full page plates, the original edition entirely unexpurgated
Hitler, Adolf / Murphy, James [Trans.] 1939 Hutchinson & Co., Hurst & Blackett $480.00 More Details
    Shimon Avidan - Givaty: the man who became a brigade [IN HEBREW]
Jackier, Eliyahu ; Dagan, Shaul 1995 $20.31 More Details
    Frontier [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED]
Metiv, Benny 1986 Ministry of Defence - Israel $15.00 More Details
    The Palestinians from the Naqba to Feddayun 1949-1956 [IN HEBREW]
Bartal, Shaul 2009 Carmel $17.19 More Details
    World Jewish Population: Trends and Policies Selected Proceedings of a Conference on World Jewish Population Jerusalem, October, 1978
Jewish Population Studies No. 23
DellaPergola, Sergio ; Cohen, Leah [Ed.] 1992 Hebrew University of Jerusalem $48.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Jewish religious anarchism : (does the Jewish religion sanctify state rule?) : chapters in the history of an idea, from biblical and rabbinic times, through Abravanel and up to the modern era [IN HEBREW]
Shapira, Amnon 2015 Ariel University $20.31 More Details
    Journal du Voleur [IN HEBREW]
Genet, Jean \ Barak, Aviva [Tr.] 1990 Sifriat Poalim $14.06 More Details
    Language, Myth, Art [IN HEBREW]
Scwarcz, Moshe 1966 Schocken $15.00 More Details
    L`etat Juif: Essai d`une solution moderne de la question juive
[SERIES]: Sionisme: Les Faits et Les Idees
Herzl, Theodore 1946 Rubin Mass $20.00 More Details
    Gumot Hen (Dimples): Bialik`s Contribution to Children`s Literature [IN HEBREW]
Ofek, Uriel 1984 Dvir $15.00 More Details
    Japan`s Decision to Surrender
[SERIES]: the Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace / 24
Butow, Robert J. C. / Reischauer, Edwin O. [Forward] 1954 Stanford University Press $35.00 More Details
    Animals in Ancient Art [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
[SERIES]: Catalogue (The Israel Museum, Jerusalem) No. 275
Avida, Uri ; Mevorach, David [Curators] 1986 The Israel Museum $14.06 More Details
    Law of Contract [IN HEBREW] [Vol. 1-2]
Shalev, Gabriela 2008 The Open University of Israel $37.50 More Details
    Genetic Cloning - A Jewish Perspective: A Collection of Essays [IN HEBREW]
Raziel, Yonatan [Ed.] 2004 Unknown $14.06 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Zahal Parade In Jerusalem: Israel`s 25th Day of Independence May 7, 1973 [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Golan, Mathi \ Shoham, Shimon \ Hachamoff, Rami \ Yaniv, Haim 1973 Mol-Art $18.75 More Details
    Tomozhenna Tales [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED]
Orpaz, Yitzhak 1989 Hakibbutz Hameuchad $14.06 More Details
    As Much As We Could do: The Contribution of the Hebrew University and Eretz-Yisrael Doctors to the Second World War [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED]
Ashbel, Rivka 1986 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $17.19 More Details
    Harry Potter: And The Deathly Hallows [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]:Harry Potter \ 7
Rowling, L. K. 2007 Yediot Acharonot / Chemed Books $18.75 More Details
    Between Nationalism And Communism: The Evsektsiia In The Soviet Union 1918 -1930
Altshuler, Mordechai 1980 Sifriat Poalim \ Moreshet \ The Institute of Contemporary Jewry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $20.31 More Details
  Selections from Feng Tse-Kai`s Drawings of Children
Feng, Tse-Kai [Zikai, Art.] / Wang, Chao-Wen [Ed.] 1956 Foreign Languages Press $680.00 More Details
  Märchen seiner Maxa von ihrem vierten bis zu ihrem siebten Jahre erzahlt von Max Nordau [FIRST EDITION]
Mit 10 kolorierten und 4 schwartzen vollbildern sowie vielen Text-illustrationen von Hans Neumann, Munchen
Nordau, Max / Nordau, Maxa / Neumann, Hans [Ill.] 1910 Otto Hendel $70.00 More Details
    The Gates of the Forest \ The Time Of The Uprooted [IN HEBREW]
Wiesel, Eli \ Hason, Yaakov [Tr.] \ Daliot-Robinovich, Dalit [Tr.] 2007 Yediot Acharonot / Chemed Books $29.69 More Details
    Tao Te Ching [IN HEBREW]
Lao-Tze \ Grause, G. ; Kalai, H. [Tr.] 1973 Bialik Institute $20.31 More Details
    Representative Government [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: Philosophical Classics \ 25
Mill, John Stuart \ Ur, Joseph [Tr.] 1958 At the Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $15.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Adult Education In Crisis Situations: Proceedings Of The Third International Conference On The History Of Adult Education.[SIGNED]
Poggeler, Franz ; Yaron, Kalman [Ed] 1991 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $25.00 More Details
    How Cities Grew: The Historical Sociology Of Cities. [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: The Dany Library of Popular Science / 69.
Comhaire, Jean ; Cahnman, Werner J. / Reuveni. A [Trans.] 1965 Rubin Mass $14.06 More Details
    Light On Israel [SIGNED]
Samuel, Maurice 1968 Alfred A. Knopf $20.00 More Details
    Intellectuals and Tradition.
[SERIES]:The Van Leer Jerusalem Foundation series.
Eisenstadt, S.N ; Graubard, S.R. [Ed] 1973 Humanities Press $30.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    The Church of The Nativity, Bethlehem: A Guide
Hamilton, R. W. 1968 Department of Antiquities and Museums, Ministry of Education and Culture $23.44 More Details
    Postage Stamps of Israel: Handbook And Catalogue [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Heymann, I. \ Pertzelan, M. 1953 I. Heymann $26.56 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Handbook of the Jewish Communal Villages In Palestine
Samuel, Edwin 1945 The Zionist Organization Youth Department $37.50 More Details
    Sprichworter Und Redensarten Deutsch-Judischer Vorzeit
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 10
Tendlau, Abraham [Ed.] 1934 Schocken Verlag $23.44 More Details
    Openings: Tamir Sher
Sher, Tamir \ Kassovsky, Daria [Translation and editing] 2000 Herzelya Museum of Art $15.00 More Details
    Graphic Art In Finland [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Tel Aviv Museum 1969 Tel Aviv Museum $14.06 More Details
    Jehuda Halevi: Zionslieder
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 2
Halevi, Jehuda \ Rosenzweig, Franz [Tr.] 1933 Schocken Verlag $21.88 More Details
    Dan Kulka: Sculptures [IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW]
Debel, Ruth [Catalogue design] 1981 Jerusalem Artists` House $14.06 More Details
    Bauhaus Tel Aviv: An Architectual Guide
Cohen, Nahoum \ Hirsch, Jachin [Photographs] 2003 Batsford $28.12 More Details
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 16
Buber, Martin 1934 Schocken Verlag $25.00 More Details
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 16
Buber, Martin 1934 Schocken Verlag $31.25 More Details
    More Newuchim (Fuhrer Der Verirrten)
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 26
Rabbi Ben Maimon, Mosche / Altmann, Alexander [Tr.] 1935 Schocken Verlag $25.00 More Details
    Kain: Ein Mysterium
[SERIES]: Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags \ 89
Lord Byron \ Blass, Ernst [Tr.] 1938 Schocken Verlag \ Judischer buchverlag $25.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    The Static Element: Selected Poems of Natan Zach
Zach, Natan / Everwine, Peter [tr`] / Yasny-Starkma, Shulamit [tr`] 1982 Atheneum $29.69 More Details
Gordon, S. 1947 maskve: melukhe-farlag "der emes" $40.62 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Beyond Sectarianism: The Realignment of American Orthodox Judaism.
Ferziger, Adam S. 2015 Wayne State University Press $20.00 More Details
    The Crown and The Swastika: Hitler, Hess and the Duke of Windsor.
Allen, Peter 1983 Robert Hale $25.00 More Details
    Kibbutz: Architecture Without Precedents. [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Bar Or, Galia [Chief Editor] \ Raz, Daphna [Hebrew text editing and translation] \ Flantz, Richard [English text editing and translation] 2010 Unknown $95.00 More Details
  Siddhartha [SECOND EDITION]
Eine indische Dichtung
Hesse, Hermann 1927 Fischer $125.00 More Details
    Dov Karmi: Architect-Engineer, 1905-1962 [IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW] [CD and Catalogue Kit Included]
Karmi, Dov \ Yagid-Haimovici, Meira [Editor] 2010 Tel Aviv Museum of Art $29.69 More Details
    Das entfesselte Theater: Aufzeichnungen eines Regisseurs
Tairoff, Alexander 1923 Potsdam : G. Keipenheuer $25.00 More Details
    Oif Iener Zait Barg [SIGNED]
Halter, Perl \ Halter, Marek [Illustration] 1968 $45.00 More Details
  Southern Arabia, Soudan and Socotra [FIRST EDITION]
Bent, Theodore; Bent, Mabel Virginia Anna 1900 Smith, Elder and Co. $500.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Formacao Do Brasil Contemporaneo: Colonia
[SERIES]: Colecao "Grandes Estudos Brasilienses" / vol 1
Prado, Caio (Junior) 1953 Editora Brasiliense $95.00 More Details
    Elemental Blues: Poems 1981-1982 [SIGNED]
[SERIES]: Cross-Cultural Review / Chapbook 19
Patterson, Raymond R. / Skyes, Lawrence F.[Illustrated] 1983 Cross-Cultural Communications $25.00 More Details
    Jaffa, Belle of the Seas: Selections from the Works of S.Y. Agnon [BILINGUAL HEBREW-ENGLISH EDITION]
Agnon, S. Y. [Samuel Joseph] / Sharir, David [Selection and paintings] 1998 Schocken $29.69 More Details
    Zoltan Shimshon Harmat, Architect(1900-1985): 60 Years of Creative Work. [SIGNED] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
[SERIES]: The Built Heritage - Research and Documentation.
Kroyanker, David 1990 The Center for Social Policy Research in Israel $43.75 More Details
    Jan Saudek: Photographs 1987-1997 [IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES]
Saudek, Jan ND Taschen $20.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Chaim Weizmann.
Berlin, Isaiah 1958 Shenval Press LTD $15.00 More Details
    Poems of Jerusalem: A Bilingual Edition [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Amichai, Yehuda 1988 Harper & Row $20.31 More Details
    Wassily Kandinsky: The Color of Abstraction [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Zalmona, Yigal [Curator] 1999 The Israel Museum $17.19 More Details
    The Profession of Ecclesiastical Lawyers: An Historical Introduction
[SERIES]: Law and Christianity.
Helmholz, R. H. 2019 Cambridge University Press $25.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    In New York: A selection. [IN ENGLISH AND YIDDISH].
[SERIES]: Jewish Poetry Series.
Halpern, Moyshe - Leyb \ Hellerstein, Kathryn [Trans, Ed, introduction] 1982 The Jewish Publication Society Of America $20.00 More Details
    Pottery, Poetry and Prophecy: Studies in Early Hebrew Poetry
Freedman, David Noel 1980 Eisenbrauns $25.00 More Details
    The Secret Of The Jews: Letters To Nietzsche
Ben Moshe, David 2008 Gefen $22.00 More Details
    For The Sleepwalkers: Poems by Edward Hirsch.
[SERIES]:Knopf Poetry Series\4.
Hirsch, Edward 1981 Alfred A. Knopf $30.00 More Details
    Wallace Stevens: A World of Transforming Shapes.
Perlis, Alan 1976 Bucknell University Press $30.00 More Details
    Sixty Folktales: collected from Narrators In Ashkelon. [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE] [SIGNED]
[SERIES]: IFA Publication Series No 5.
Baharav, Zalman \ Noy, Dov [Edited and Annotated]. 1964 Thnological Museum And Folklore Archives $17.19 More Details
    Society and Religion In Early Ottoman Egypt: Studies In the Writings Of `Abd al -Wahhab al - Sha`rani.
[SERIES]: Studies In Islamic Culture and History.
Winter, Michael 1982 Transaction Books $35.00 More Details
    Slavery and Muslim Society In Africa: The Institution in Saharan and Sudanic Africa and the Trans - Saharan Trade
G, Allan ; Fisher, B. ; Fisher, Humphrey J. 1970 C. Hurst & Company $25.00 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    The Nineteen Letters on Judaism [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: Jakob Michael Library - Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies / 7
Hirsch, Samson Raphael / Heinemann, Isaac [Intro.] 1969 Mossad Harav Kook $14.06 More Details
    Of a World That Is No More: A Tender Memoir
Singer, I. J. [Bashevis-Singer, Isaac] / Singer, Joseph [Trans.] 1970 The Vangard Press $20.00 More Details
    Systemic Pathology II [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: Gomeh - Scientific Publications.
Edith Gaton / Dan D. Gaton 1997 Tcherikover $20.31 More Details
    The Noble Quran
Ben-Shemesh, A. [Trans.] 1979 Massada $25.00 More Details
    Legal Values and Judaism: Towards a Philosophy of Halakhah [IN HEBREW]
Falk, Ze`ev W. 1980 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $17.19 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Judaism Without God: Judaism as Culture and Bible as Literature [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: The Library of Secular Judaism.
Malkin, Yaakov 2003 Keter / Free Judaism Publishing $17.19 More Details
    David Gans (1541-1613) and His Times: Jewish Thought and the Scientific Revolution of the Sixteenth Century [IN HEBREW]
Neher, Andre / Avital, Inbar [Trans.] 1982 Rubin Mass $17.19 More Details

Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Collected Poems: 1941 - 1983 [SIGNED]
Hamburger, Michael 1984 Carcanet Press $30.00 More Details
    The Testing - Tree: Poems By Stanley Kunitz
Kunitz, Stanley 1971 An Atlantic Monthly Press Book \ Little, Brown And Company $20.00 More Details
    Carousel Parkway and Other Poems [SIGNED]
Kramer, Aaron \ Fishman, Charles [Introduction] 1980 A.S. Barnes & Company, Inc. \ The Tantivy Press $20.00 More Details
    The Art of Persuasion: The Speaker and his Audience [IN HEBREW]
[SERIES]: Mount Scopus Publications.
Spiegel, Nathan 1993 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $23.44 More Details
    Jan Rauchwerger: Painting 1983 - 1993 [IN ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN WITH HEBREW SUMMARY]
Rauchwerger, Jan \ Yelshevskaya, Galina [Essay, Ed.] 1994 The Moscow Palette Gallery $29.69 More Details
    Five Comedies of Menander [IN HEBREW]
Menander / Silberschlag, Eisig [Trans. + Intro.] 1985 The Bialik Institute $14.06 More Details
    Brener, Esterke, Weitzman the Second: Three Plays [IN HEBREW]
Zeitlin, Aaron / Szeintuch, Yechiel [Ed. + Preface] 1993 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $14.06 More Details
    Documents from Lublin Ghetto: Judenrat Without Direction [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE]
[SERIES]: From The Yad Vashem Archives / VOL. VI.
Blumental, Nachman / Grubsztein, Meir [Trans.] 1967 Yad Vashem $20.31 More Details
    Peindre Dans La Lumière De La Méditerranée [IN HEBREW AND FRENCH]
Andral, Jean-Louis ; Fischer, Yona [Ed] 1987 Musee d`Israel \ Musee Cantini $23.44 More Details
    Cave Birds: An Alchemical Cave Drama
Hughes, Ted \ Baskin, Leonard [Drawings] 1978 The Viking Press $35.00 More Details
    Flying Under Two Flags: An ex - Raf Pilot In Israel`s War Of Independence
Levett, Gordon \ Weizman, Ezer [Foreword] 1994 Frank Cass $45.00 More Details

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