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  The Soviet Government and The Jews. A Documented Study
Pinkus, Benjamin 1984 Cambridge University Press $40.00 More Details
  Russian Publications on Jews and Judaism in the Soviet Union: 1917-1967 [IN HEBREW, RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH]
Altshuler, Mordechai [EDIT] 1970 Society for Research on Jewish Communities / The Historical Society of Israel $23.44 More Details
Stalin`s Forgotten Zion: Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland - an Illustrated History, 1928-1996
Weinberg, Robert \ Gitelman, Zvi [Intro.] \ Berman, Bradley [Photo.] 1998 University of California Press $25.00 More Details
  Das entfesselte Theater: Aufzeichnungen eines Regisseurs
Tairoff, Alexander 1923 Potsdam : G. Keipenheuer $25.00 More Details
  My Life in Art
Stanislavsky, Constantin 1945 Geoffrey Bles $20.00 More Details
  The Rise of the Gulag: Intelectual Origins of Leninism
Besanon, Alain / Matthews, Sarah [Trans.] 1981 Continuum $30.00 More Details
  The Ochrana: The Russian Secret Police
Vassilyev, A. T. 1930 George G. Harrap & Co. $30.00 More Details
  Die Beerdigung von P. A. [Pyotr Alexeyevich] Kropotkin in Moskau - 13 Februar 1921 / Funeral of P. A. [Pyotr Alexeyevich] Kropotkin - Moscow - February 13, 1921
1922 Foreign Bureau of Russian Confederation Anarcho-Syndicalists $65.00 More Details
  Days of Defeat and Victory
Gaidar, Yegor / Miller, Jane Ann [Trans.] / McFaul, Michael [Foreword] 1999 University of Washington Press $30.00 More Details
  New History of Russia - Volume 1: War, Holocaust and Stalinism: A Documented Study of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the USSR [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Redlich, Shimon 1995 Harwood Academic Publishers $20.00 More Details
  The Commissar Took Care
Ajzenbud, Moshe / Leah [Trans.] 1986 Globe Press $18.00 More Details
  The Jews in the Soviet Union since 1917: Paradox of Survival - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Levin, Nora 1990 New York University Press $20.00 More Details
  Transformations: Russian Avant-Garde Costume and Stage Design
Auzenberg, Nina 1991 Zionist Confederation House / The Department of Art History of the Hebrew University $20.31 More Details
  L`eglise Catholique en Pologne sous le Gouvernement Russe: Depuis le Premier Partage Jusqu`a nos Jours - Deuxieme Edition - Tome Premier [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Lescoeur, P. 1876 E. Plon et Cie $25.00 More Details
  Return from the Archipelago: Narratives of Gulag Survivors.
Toker, Leona 2000 Indiana University $25.00 More Details
  108 Days & Nights in a KGB Dungeon: Diary of Anatol Liabedzka, A Political Hostage
Liabedzka, Anatol 2013 Published by author $45.00 More Details
  Russian Zionism: The Formative Years [IN HEBREW]
Goldstein, Joseph 1993 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University / Hassifriya Haziyonit - The World Zionist Organization $14.06 More Details
  A Story of an Illusions: The Jews in the Polish People`s Army in the USSR [IN HEBREW].
Nussbaum, Klemens 1984 Diaspora Research Institute / Tel-Aviv University $14.06 More Details
  Jewish Policies and Right-Wing Politics in Imperial Russia
Rogger, Hans 1986 Macmillian / St. Antony`s College $22.00 More Details
  A Man of Honour: Adam Czartoryski as a Statesman of Russia and Poland 1795-1831
Zawadzki, W.H. 1993 The Clarendon Press $20.00 More Details

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