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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Kochbe Jizchak: Eine Sammlung ebräischer Aussätze, literarhistorischen, philologischen, exegetischen und poetischen Inhalts, zur Förderung des ebräischen Sprachstudiums: Vierundzwanzigstes Heft [THIS VOLUME ONLY. IN HEBREW]
Stern, M. 1858 J. Holzwarth $30.65 More Details
Hölle und Paradies: Nach Dantes Divina Commedia [IN HEBREW]
Zifroni, Immanuel ben Salomo / Goldschmidt, Lazarus [Ed.] 1922 Benjamin Harz $46.77 More Details
  Zmarim: Selected Songs.
Shelem, Matityahu / Kaplan, Shlomo [Ed.] 1969 Education and Culture Centre of the General Federation of Labour-Histadrut $17.74 More Details
A History of Hebrew Literature in America [IN HEBREW]
Mikliszanski, J. K. 1967 $30.65 More Details
Haschiloah: Band IV. Januar - Juli - December 1898 [IN HEBREW]
Ginzberg, U. [Ed.] 1898 Achiassaf $38.71 More Details
Sema Selomo / Shema Shelomo / Shma Shlomo [IN HEBREW].
Salkind, Salomon [Zalkind, Shelomo; Shlomo] 1866 R. M. Romm $35.00 More Details
Family / Mishpaha [COPY #11 of 105] [SIGNED BY A. GILADI and EZRA ZUSMAN]
Giladi, A. [Golodtz, Aharon] 1973 $85.00 More Details
  Hölle und Paradies nach Dantes Divina Commedia [IN HEBREW]
Zifroni, Immanuel ben Salomo / Goldschmidt, Lazarus [Ed.] 1922 Benjamin Harz $20.97 More Details
The Liturgical Poetry of Salomon Ibn Gabirol: Contents and Form [IN HEBREW. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
Breuer, Zeev Z. 1993 The Magnes Press $20.97 More Details
  Home Land [IN HEBREW]
Kutner, Yoav / Ziegler, Aliza [Ed.] 2008 Am Oved $14.52 More Details
  From Tyre to Jerusalem: The Literary World of Matityahu Shoham [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
Kartun-Blum, Ruth 1969 University of California Press $20.00 More Details
Nir David [PARTS 2-4 OF 4] [HEBREW] [VIENNA 1834]
Cohen, Shalom ben Jacob. 1834 Anton Schmid $120.00 More Details
  Stones in the Darkness: Poems from the Hebrew [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Yonathan, Nathan ; Flantz, Richard [Tran., Ed.]) 1975 Sifriat Poalim $20.00 More Details
  Facinating Researches in Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry [Volume XXVI, Number 2 Only]
Davidson, Israel 1935 The Dropsie College Hebrew and Cognate Learning $20.00 More Details
  A Song for the Road [IN HEBREW]
Gavish, Ofer \ Adar, Adi 2005 Am Oved $14.52 More Details
Hebräische Gedichte [IN HEBREW]
Goldbaum, Meschulam Salman [Moshe] 1910 Selbstverlag $55.00 More Details
  The Sounds Towards Them
Miriam, Rivka 1982 Dvir $14.52 More Details
  Poetry`s Grace [Selection] [IN HEBREW]
Yonathan, Nathan 1996 Sifriat Poalim $14.52 More Details
Avner Treinin: Poems: 1952 - 1998 [IN HEBREW]
Treinin, Avner 1999 Hakibbutz Hameuchad \ The Bialik Institute $30.65 More Details
  Along the Way: Selected Poems [IN HEBREW]
Pen, Alexander \ Knispel, Gershon [Drawings and engravings] 1958 "Mada V`chaim" $77.42 More Details

Showing books 141 to 160 (of 205) 

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