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  Geschichte des Abfalls der Vereinigten Niederlande: von der Spanischen Regierung [NUMBERED COPY / 36].
von Schiller, Friedrich 1922 O. C. Recht $30.00 More Details
  An Analysis of serbian Propaganda: The Misrepresentation of the Writings of the Historian Franjo Tudjman in Light of the Serbian-Croatian War
Knezevic, Anto 1992 Domovina TT Zagreb $20.00 More Details
  The PLO and Israel: From Armed Conflict to Political Solution, 1964-1994.
Sela, Avraham ; Ma`oz, Moshe [Eds.] 1997 St. Martin`s Press $20.00 More Details
  Jerusalem Divided: The Armistice Regime, 1947-1967.
Israeli, Raphael 2002 Frank Cass $45.00 More Details
  Jewish Palestinian Volunteering in the British Army During the Second World War: Volume II - The Struggle For a Jewish Army [IN HEBREW][THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Gelber, Yoav 1981 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $14.06 More Details
  With Our Army in Palestine.
Bluett, Antony 1919 Andrew Melrose $55.00 More Details
  Fulfilment of a Mission: The Spears Mission to Syria and Lebanon, 1941-1944.
Spears, Edward 1977 Leo Cooper $25.00 More Details
  In the eye of the Storm: Esaays on the Storm [IN HEBREW].
Bareli, Avi ; Ginossar, Pinhas [Eds.] 2004 The Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev $20.31 More Details
  Les Brigands: Brigands et Routiers Barbe-Bleue - Guilleri Flibustiers - Cartouche Mandrin - La Gde Peur Chauffurs - Le Maquis
Funck-Brentano, Frantz / Paris, Alfred [Illustrations] 1922 Hachette $40.00 More Details
  The Armies of Classical Greece.
Wheeler, Everett L. [Ed.] 2007 Ashgate $120.00 More Details
  The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt as Sean by the Enemy: General Jurgen Stroop`s Reports - With Introduction, Notes and a Map of the Warsaw Ghetto - Second Revised and Enlarged Edition [IN HEBREW]
Kermish, Joseph [Ed.] 1966 Yad Vashem $20.31 More Details
  Ein Leben im Kampf Gegen Kreuzritterheere.
Ibn Munqidh, Usama / Rotter, Gernot [Trans. / Ed.] 1978 Horst Erdmann $15.00 More Details
  Fifty Ships that Saved the World: The Foundation of the Anglo-American Alliance [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
Goodhart, Philip 1965 Heinemann $20.00 More Details
  A Story of an Illusions: The Jews in the Polish People`s Army in the USSR [IN HEBREW].
Nussbaum, Klemens 1984 Diaspora Research Institute / Tel-Aviv University $14.06 More Details
  Automatic Weapons of the World
Johnson, Melvin M. Jr ; Haven, Charles T. 1945 William Morrow and Company $30.00 More Details
  The Crossing that Wasn`t: The Yom Kippur War, The Crossing Conception, The Fire Line [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
Milstein, Uri 1992 $14.06 More Details
  The Irgun Zvai Leumi (I.Z.L): The Story of Israel`s Underground Movement for National Liberation.
Kister, Joseph / Plotkin, Nediva [Trans.] / Feder, Shimshon [Ed.] 2000 Ministry of Defence / Museum Unit $55.00 More Details
  European Policy in the Near East: Its Founation in the Epoch of Mehemet Ali of Egypt [IN HEBREW]
Seliger, Martin 1941 Rubin Mass $20.31 More Details
  Simon Bolivar: Seleccion de Escritos [IN HEBREW].
Bolivar, Simon / Rachum, Ilan [Ed.] / Daian, Yosef [Trans.] 1977 Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalen $14.06 More Details
  The Military History of the Land of Israel in Biblical Times [IN HEBREW].
Liver, Jacob [Ed.] 1968 Maarachot / Israel Defence Forces $15.62 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 238) 

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