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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Die Satzteilfolge im Verbalsatz Alttestamentlicher Prosa: Untersucht an den Buchern Dtn, Ri und 2Kon.
Gross, Walter \ Disse, Andreas ; Michel, Andreas [Ed.] 1996 J.C.B Mohr (Paul Siebeck) $55.00 More Details
  A Phoenician-Punic Grammar.
Krahmalkov, Charles R. 2001 Brill $30.00 More Details
  Lexicon of Epithets in Hebrew Liturgical Poetry [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
David, Yonah 2001 Rubin Mass $20.97 More Details
  A Basic Grammar of the Ugaritic Language: With Selected Texts and Glossary
Segret, Stainslav 1984 University of California Press $20.00 More Details
  Mehri Lexicon and English-Mehri Word-List
Johnstone, T. M. \ Smith, G. Rex [Ed.] 1987 School of Oriental and African Studies - University of london $150.00 More Details
  The Hebrew Language Tradition of the Yemenite Jews [HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INDEX]
Morag, Shelomo 1963 The Academy of the Hebrew Language $24.19 More Details
  Harusi Lexicon
Johnson, T.M. 1977 Oxford University Press $120.00 More Details
  Studies in Language: The Biblical Masorah [IN HEBREW].
Yeivin, Israel 2003 The Academy of Hebrew Language $20.97 More Details
  Middle Arabic and Mixed Arabic: Diachrony and Synchrony.
Zack, Liesbeth ; Schippers, Arie [Ed.] 2012 Brill $120.00 More Details
  Al-Mursid Al-Kafi: The Lexicon of Tanhum Ben Yosef Hayerushalmi to Mishne Tora of Maimonides [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
Shy, Hadassa [Trans.\ Ed.] 2005 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $90.32 More Details
  Philologica: Beitrage zur Arabistik und Semitistik
Spitaler, Anton \ Bobzin, Hartmut [Ed.] \ Weninger, Stefan [Ed.] \ Neuwirth, Angelika [Ed.] 1998 Harrassowitz Verlag $95.00 More Details
  A Handbook of Early Middle Arabic
Blau, Joshua 2002 The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation \ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $75.00 More Details
  The Olive Tree Dictionary: A Transliterated Dictionary of Conversational Eastern Arabic (Palestinian)
Elihay, J [Yohanan] ND Minerva $95.00 More Details
  A Morphology of Mishnaic Hebrew: According to the Tradition of the Parma Manuscript (De-Rossi 138) [IN HEBREW]
Haneman, Gideon 1980 Tel-Aviv University $38.71 More Details
  The Anaq Commentary by Eleazar Ben Halfon: Interpretation of the Homonyms in Moses Ibn Ezra`s Anaq [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
Dotan, Aron [Ed.] \ Basal, Nasir [Ed.] 2011 Ben-zvi Institute \ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $51.61 More Details
  Studies in the Hebrew Language [IN HEBREW]
Berggrun, Nissan \ Heckelman, Yitzhak [Ed.] 1995 The Academy of the Hebrew Language $20.97 More Details
  Studies in Language: Semantic Aspects of Hebrew [IN HEBREW].
B. Sarfatti, Gad 2001 The Academy of Hebrew Language $20.97 More Details
Huehnergard, John 1997 Scholars Press $48.00 More Details
  Origins and History of the Oldest Sinaitic Traditions
Beyerlin, Walter \ Rudman, S. [translation] 1965 Basil Blackwell $20.00 More Details
  Lehrbuch des Palastinensisch-Arabischen: Uberarbeitete und Erweiterte Ausgabe mit Tafeln Konjugierter Verben [VOL. 1 ONLY]
Halloun, Moin / Uhe, Isabelle, Robbelen Hanna 2016 Universitat Bethlehem $25.00 More Details

Showing books 81 to 100 (of 865) 

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