Principes d`Économie Politique, considérés sous le rapport de leur application pratique.  
  Seconde Édition, Revue, corrigée et considérablement augmentée; suivis des définitions en éconimie politique par Malthus, avec des remarques inédites de J.-B. Say; précédés d`une introduction et accompagnés de notes explicatives et critiques, par M. Maurice Monjean.  

שם המחבר Malthus, Thomas Robert / Say, J.-b. [Ed.] / Monjean, Maurice [Intr.]
מקום ההוצאה Paris
מוציא לאור Guillaumin et Cie.
שנת הוצאה 1846
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
RARE second edition of the French translation of the seminal treatise by Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), an eminent English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political economy and demography. Malthus wrote it as an answer to David Ricardo`s `Principles of Political Economy and Taxation` published in 1817. In it, and his `Definitions in political economy` published in 1827, Malthus defended Sismondi`s views on `general glut` rather than Say`s Law, which in effect states `there can be no general glut`. 240x160mm. XXXVI+550 pages. Quarter-leather marbled board Hardcover. Gilt lettering on ribbed spine. Cover and spine rubbed and slightly worn. Front cover hinge near spine and rear cover bottom part partly peeling. Cover edges and corners bumped and peeling. Spine bottom edge peeling. Sticker residues on spine bottom edge. Sticker on front inner cover upper corner. Water-stain on few pages bottom edge - no damage to text. Some pages age-stained. Pages yellowing and slightly wavy. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare French edition of an influential work in classical economics is in good condition.
מחיר ₪285.00
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