De bonte Schotel - Een Joodsch Kinderboek om te lezen en te kleuren  
  door Erwin Loewe [Löwe]. Illustraties van Ruth Veit Simon. Vertaling van Beja,  

שם המחבר Loewe, Erwin [Löwe] / Veit Simon, Ruth [Illustrations]
מקום ההוצאה Amsterdam
מוציא לאור Uitgave van de Uitgevers-Mij. voorheen van Creveld & Co.
שנת הוצאה 1936
שפה הולנדית
תיאור הספר
EXTREMELY RARE collector`s item - Dutch translation of a Jewish children`s book on Biblical themes first published in Nazi Germany in 1936 and translated into Dutch the same year. The book contains many b&w illustration pages designed for coloring by children and texts retelling the Biblical scenes in prose and verse. 200x155mm. 48 pages [+2]. Illustrated Hardcover with cloth spine. Cover and spine worn and stained. Cover corners and spine edges bumped and peeling. All pages detached from binding. Rear whitepage wrinkled and water-stained. Illustration page no.4 detached from binding. Illustration page no.8 MISSING. Five of the sixteen illustrations colored with color pens/pencils by previous owner`s hand. Binding slightly loose between illustration page no.7 and page 33. Several pages slightly age-stained. Some page corners/edges slightly worn/wrinkled. Pages yellowing. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare Jewish children`s book published in pre-war Holland has unfortunately sustained damage to cover and has been partly colored by its previous owner, but is otherwise in good condition.
שימו לב:
  • ניתן לבקש מאיתנו להוסיף תמונות לספר זה.
מחיר ₪507.00
(המחיר אינו כולל דמי משלוח!)
מספר קטלוגי MA 14 18

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רח' שץ 6 (פינת רח' המלך ג'ורג' 26), ירושלים
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