La vie et les Aventures de Robinson Crusoe - Tome Second [VOLUME II ONLY].  

שם המחבר [Defoe, Daniel]
מקום ההוצאה Paris
מוציא לאור Louis Janet, Libraire / Imprimerie de Decessois
שנת הוצאה ND [1835]
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
VOLUME TWO ONLY. RARE French edition of Robinson Crusoe with exquisite color illustrations. This novel by Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was first published on 25 April 1719, the first edition crediting the work`s protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author, leading many readers to believe he was a real person and the book a travelogue of true incidents; thus many editions, like the present one, did not even mention Defoe as the author. 150x110mm. 336 pages. Quarter-leather Hardcover with gilt ribbed spine. Cover stained and worn. Rear cover bottom part peeling and partly missing. Cover corners and edges peeling. Front cover almost detached. Spine rubbed and detached from front cover. Spine hinges partly cracked and worn. Spine edges peeling and partly missing. Sticker residues on spine hinges. Binding slightly visible between rear endpaper and whitepage. Ink marks on inner cover, front whitepage and title page. Title page, first illustration and page 1/2 detached from binding and have slightly worn edges/corners. Title page and page 1/2 wrinkled. Page 335/336 and rear whitepage detached. Inner cover, whitepages and few pages age-stained. About half of the pages bottom corner water-stained. Few page edges slightly worn/dog-eared. Some pages slightly age-stained. Pages yellowing and wavy. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare beautifully illustrated edition of a classic novel that marked the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre, and became one of the most widely published books in history, has sustained some damage (mainly to cover), but is otherwise in good reading condition.
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