Processi del S. Uffizio di Venezia contro ebrei e giudaizzanti - Vol. V (1579-1586) & Vol. VI (1582-1585) [TWO VOLUMES].  
  [SERIES]: Storia dell`Ebraismo in Italia [S.E.I.] - Studi e Testi, VII (Sezione Veneta 6) & VIII (Sezione Veneta 7).  

שם המחבר Zorattini, Pier Cesare Ioly [Ed.]
מקום ההוצאה Firenze
מוציא לאור Leo S. Olschki Editore
שנת הוצאה 1987 / 1988
שפה איטלקית, לטינית, פורטוגזית
תיאור הספר
SIGNED WITH DEDICATION BY EDITOR. VOLUMES FIVE AND SIX ONLY of the complete 14-volume edition of the documents kept in the Venetian archives, including also the results of research of the Portuguese Inquisition trials against the defendants who appeared before the Venetian court. Both volumes contain the editor`s dedication to Nora Bollafio Aviad (1925-2020), one dated 12/11/1987, and the other undated. [BOTH VOLUMES]: 250x180mm. [550] + [182] pages. Softcover. Cover corners/edges slightly wrinkled. Cover and spine slightly yellowing. Spine upper edge slightly rubbed. Spine bottom edge bumped. Editor`s dedication on front whitepage. Pages rough-cut as published. [VOL.V]: Front cover upper left corner near binding slightly peeling. Rear cover slightly stained. Spine slightly wrinkled. [VOL.VI]: Cover slightly stained. [SUMMARY]: These extremely rare two volumes of a series of documents that enabled scholars of the Inquisition and Jewish history to enrich and deepen the knowledge of the complex network of relationships between Venetian Jewry, the Conversos (Marranos, New Christians) in the European and Mediterranean diaspora, and the Christian society of the time, is in good condition.
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