Chinesische Baukeramik [RARE!]  

שם המחבר Boerschmann, Ernst
מקום ההוצאה Berlin
מוציא לאור Albert Lüdtke Verlag
שנת הוצאה 1927
שפה גרמנית
תיאור הספר
RARE monograph on ceramics in Chinese architecture by an eminent German architect, photographer and sinologist Ernst Boerschmann (1873-1949), who from 1940 until his death taught in the Humboldt University of Berlin, from 1945 as Professor of Sinology. Contains 160 full-page b&w plates, 30 b&w mounted plates and 4 color plates. Some, or possibly all photographic plates are by the author himself, who was a distinguished photographer in addition to his expertise in architecture and history of China. 290x230mm. 110 pages [+2] & 160 full-page plates. Embossed gilt cloth Hardcover with gilt spine. Cover faded/age-stained, dirty and rubbed. Cover edges rubbed and slightly bumped. Rear cover stained/water-stained. Cover corners and spine edges bumped and peeling. Spine upper edge missing. Spine hinges upper edge worn and partly torn. Binding slightly loose and visible between title-page and contents page, and between plates 158-159. Text pages yellowing. Rear inner cover and some plates wavy. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare and unique book on Chinese architectural ceramics is overall in good condition.
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