Meyer`s Universum oder Abbildung und Beschreibung des Sehenswerthesten und Merkwürdigsten der Natur und Kunst aus der ganzen Erde - Erster Band [VOLUME 1 ONLY]  

שם המחבר [Meyer, Joseph; Hofmann, Friedrich; Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig
מקום ההוצאה Hildburghausen / New York
מוציא לאור Druck und Verlag vom Bibliographischen Institut
שנת הוצאה 1833
שפה גרמנית
תיאור הספר
VOLUME I ONLY (Erster Band). RARE album with beautiful graphic illustrations with short descriptions of some of the most remarkable places and cites in Europe. 265x185mm. 108 pages. Brown marbled board Hardcover rebound with cloth spine. Text block edges dyed red. Cover heavily rubbed and scratched. Cover corners and edges bumped and worn/peeling. Spine slightly stained. Spine edges peeling. Previous owner`s name written in ink on front whitepage. Front whitepages dirty and wrinkled; edges worn. Binding visible on rear inner cover and between several pages. Contents page pasted on rear endpaper. Page 108 upper edge torn (60mm) - NO damage to text/plate. Most pages bottom corner and few pages upper corner slightly bumped/wrinkled. Pages yellowing, wavy and somewhat age-stained. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare and beautifully illustrated collection of lithographs, all in good condition and ready for framing, is otherwise in good condition.
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