Percement de l`Isthme de Suez - Exposé et Documents officiels [FIRST EDITION].  

שם המחבר De Lesseps, Ferdinand
מקום ההוצאה Paris
מוציא לאור Henri Plon
שנת הוצאה 1855
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
FIRST EDITION. RARE account of the piercing of the isthmus of Suez by Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805-1894), a diplomat and engineer who was decisively involved in the planning and development of the Suez Canal. Includes two folding maps of Suez Canal region and a world map. 225x145mm. 281 pages. Green quarter leather decorative crosshatch texture Hardcover. Gilt lettering on spine, gilt framing on cover and spine. Text block edges dyed yellow. Brown marbled endpapers. Includes book mark ribbon. Cover slightly stained. Cover edges yellowing. Cover upper edge slightly worn. Spine hinges rubbed. Spine slightly worn. Ex-libris sticker on front endpaper upper corner. Previous owner`s name written in ink on whitepage. Pencil marks on rear whitepage. Both folding maps slightly yellowing. Small tear on first map hinge, touching only the hinge and not the map itself. Pages slightly age-stained and slightly wavy. [SUMMARY]: This precious book, which gives a rare and valuable insight into an ambitious 19th-century project that completely changed world commerce, is in good condition.
מחיר ₪280.00 + משלוח
מספר קטלוגי MA 14 15

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