Materiaux, Documents. Publication Mensuelle 441eme Numéro.  

שם המחבר
מקום ההוצאה Paris
מוציא לאור Ducher
שנת הוצאה ND (ca 1900)
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
The "Materiaux, Documents" was a monthly periodical presenting facsimiles of highly accurate drawings of architectural elements such as columns, balconies, doors and balustrades. In the selection of the objects drawn and presented here, high emphasis was put on decorativeness and ornamentation. Due to a thorough selection, the astounding precision of the drawings, but also due to the object`s presentation from interesting perspectives, this rare publication is an insider tip for architects and draftsmen. The book, a compilation of several issues of the "Materiaux, Documents", includes issues nos. 441, 448, 462, 476, 422, 487, 456, 491, 454, 463, 427, 460, 425, 450, 490, 424, 436, 449, 484, 437. 485, 480, 474, 464, 444, 479, 478, 467, 431, 421, 443, 439, 434, 469, 452, 473, 483, 435, 481, 430, 451, 445, 457, 442, 438, 453, 488, 428, 440, 477, 492, 475, 432. Each issue is dedicated to another architectural element and has approximately 8 pages. 310x215mm. Brown quarter-leather hardcover with ribbed spine. Gilt decoration on spine bottom edge. Decorated endpapers. Cover lightly stained. Cover edges worn in places. Cover corners mildly worn. Spine lightly worn. Page edges lightly browning. All pages lightly yellowing. Several pages slightly age stained and/or lightly loose from binding (with no danger of coming completely loose). Few objects of issue #454 are slightly painted over with whiteout with slight damage to plates. All other plates are clean from any damage. [SUMMARY]: This rare compilation of issues from a truly fascinating and unique periodical that meticulously documents architectural grandeur is in very good condition for its age.
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