L`illustration - Journal Universel [VOLUMES 11 & 12 - March 1848 to February 1849]  
  Tome XI, orne de 300 vignettes - Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Aout 1848 / Tome XII, orne de 300 vignettes - Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre 1848; Janvier, Fevrier 1849.  

שם המחבר
מקום ההוצאה Paris
מוציא לאור A. Le Chevalier
שנת הוצאה 1848 / 1849
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
RARE TWO VOLUMES! These two folio volumes contain all issues of "L`illustration" weekly magazine published between March 1848 and February 1849. This highly influential journal from the middle of the 19th century discusses themes ranging from political and social affairs to art and culture. This particular compilation bears specific importance due to the revolutionary events throughout Europe in 1848, the year of the "February Revolution". Both volumes include hundreds of illustrations and engravings alongside the text. Also includes musical notes within some issues. [BOTH VOLUMES]: 370x270mm. 420+420 pages. Crimson leather Hardcover with red leather label on spine. Cover slightly scratched. Cover edges and corners slightly bumped. Spine edges worn. Spine hinge edges partly cracked. Ex-libris on inner cover. Ex-libris residue on rear inner cover. Few pages slightly age-stained and/or wavy. Pages slightly yellowing. [VOL.11]: Top spine edge slightly loose. Title page has small tear (no paper missing). [VOL.12]: Top spine edges slightly torn. Bottom spine edge slightly loose. Pre-title page torn near binding (no paper missing). Last page (419) slightly torn at top (no paper missing). [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare and beautifully illustrated compilation of "L`illustration" magazine issues from the fatal year of 1848 is in good condition.
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