My Love, Where Shall We Make Love? [SIGNED AND DEDICATED]  

שם המחבר Niki de Saint Phalle
מקום ההוצאה Malmo
מוציא לאור Litografik AB
שנת הוצאה ND [c. 1970]
שפה אנגלית
תיאור הספר
SIGNED AND DEDICATED COPY of French artist Niki de Saint Phalle`s naïve art book. Dedicated to "Nehemia who helped make a DREAM into a Reality", "with many thanks, Niki", in handwriting on the front cover. The entire book is printed on a single long sheet of paper which can be unfolded to be viewed as a single piece of art. 175x180mm, unpaginated (approx. 50 pages). Illustrated board softcover. [CONDITION:] Spine missing. Front cover torn on outer edge, stained and yellowing. Rear cover detached; large tear along top edge. Inside, pages are clean. [SUMMARY:] This unique dedicated copy of de Saint Phalle`s book is heavily damaged on the outside (poor condition), but is clean on the inside (very good condition). The damage has already been applied to the price of the book.
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מחיר ₪663.00
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מספר קטלוגי MC 03 23

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