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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Le Marxisme [IN HEBREW]
Lefebvre, Henri / Dorfman, Eran [Tr.] / Elyada, Ouzi [Scientific adviser] 2005 Resling $17.19 More Details
Stalin`s Forgotten Zion: Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland - an Illustrated History, 1928-1996
Weinberg, Robert \ Gitelman, Zvi [Intro.] \ Berman, Bradley [Photo.] 1998 University of California Press $25.00 More Details
  Judaism and Christianity Under the Impact of National Socialism 1919 - 1945
Kulka, Otto Dov ; Mendes - Flohr, Paul R. [Ed.] 1987 The Historical Society of Israel \ The Zalman Shazar Center For Jewish History $20.00 More Details
  Arab Socialism: Collection [IN HEBREW]
Goldberg, Zeev [Ed.] 1970 Beit-Berl Institute for Study and Research $20.31 More Details
  Kibbutz: Architecture Without Precedents. [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Bar Or, Galia [Chief Editor] \ Raz, Daphna [Hebrew text editing and translation] \ Flantz, Richard [English text editing and translation] 2010 Unknown $95.00 More Details
  Back To Marx: A Collection Of Articles [IN HEBREW]
Cohen, Benjamin [Ed] 2001 Hakkibutz Hameuchad $14.06 More Details
  The Rise of the Gulag: Intelectual Origins of Leninism
Besanon, Alain / Matthews, Sarah [Trans.] 1981 Continuum $30.00 More Details
  Die Beerdigung von P. A. [Pyotr Alexeyevich] Kropotkin in Moskau - 13 Februar 1921 / Funeral of P. A. [Pyotr Alexeyevich] Kropotkin - Moscow - February 13, 1921
1922 Foreign Bureau of Russian Confederation Anarcho-Syndicalists $65.00 More Details
  Spurensuche: Das Vermachtnis Rosa Luxemburgs fur deutsche und israelische Linke - Konferenz aus Anlass der Eroffnung des Buros der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Tel Aviv [IN HEBREW AND GERMAN]
Timm, Angelika [Ed.] 2009 Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung $20.31 More Details
  Against the Mainstream!: The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) 1919-2009 - Articles and Posters - Following a Conference at Tel Aviv University, 25 March 2009 [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH AND GERMAN SUMMARIES]
Gozansky, Tamar; Timm, Angelika [Ed.] 2009 Rosa Luxemburg Foundation $37.50 More Details
  Ueberzeugung und Partei
Kautsky, Karl 1916 Leipzig : Berlag der Leipziger Buchdruckerei Uktiengesellschaft $18.00 More Details
  Understanding the Nazi Genocide: Marxism after Auschwitz
Traverso, Enzo / Drucker, Peter [Trans.] 1999 Pluto Press $20.00 More Details
  Jewish Nationality and Soviet Politics: The Jewish Sections of the CPSU, 1917-1930.
Gitelman, Zvi Y. 1972 Princeton University Press $32.00 More Details
  Oeuvres Philosophiques [TWO VOLUME SET].
Marx, Karl / Molitor, J. [Trans.] / Raspaud, Jean-Jacques [Ed.] 1981 Editions Champ Libre $75.00 More Details
  Individualism and Socialism: The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijiro (1891-1944).
Hirai, Tsuko 1986 Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University $20.00 More Details
  Fritz Peretz Naphtali: A Social Democrat in Two Worlds [IN HEBREW]
Reimer, Yehuda 1996 Hassifria Haziyonit, Publishing House of the World Zionist Organization $14.06 More Details
  The Bund Movement in Poland between the Two World Wars [IN HEBREW]
Barzilai, Zvi 1994 Carmel $20.31 More Details
  Reminiscencias y Reflexiones [IN HEBREW] [AS IS] [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
Gordin, Aba 1957 Bujguemeinschaft bai der Idischer Razionalistischer Gueselschaft $29.69 More Details
  The Biluim [IN HEBREW]
Laskov, Shulamit 1978 Hassifria Haziyonit- World Zionist Organization $17.19 More Details
  Habonim in Britain 1929-1955: Part One - History 1929-1955 - Part Two - The Habonim Experience
Cohen, Melvin [Ed.] \ Shifrin, Denis [Design] 1999 Irgun Vatikei Habonim \ יד טבנקין $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 111) 

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