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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Abba Eban: An Autobiography [SINGED BY AUTHOR]
Eban, Abba 1977 Weidenfeld and Nicolson $20.00 More Details
    Remembered In Clay: The Nineteen-Twinties in Zichron Ya`akov
Rosenzweig-Hozer, Ora / Halkin, Hillel [Tran.] 2003 The Arison Foundation $20.00 More Details
    Rabbi Avraham Jehoshua Heschel of Opatow: His life, mannerism, narratives, communal work, teaching and abridgment of his book Ohev Israel [IN HEBREW]
Berle, Leon J 1984 Mossad Harav Kook $13.64 More Details
    Van Berlijn Naar Jeruzalem
Scholem, Gershom 1982 Amphora Books $15.00 More Details
    The Samurai of Vishpgrob: The Notebooks of Jacob Marateck
Winecelberg, Shimon \ Winecelberg, Anita 1976 The Jewish Publication Society of America $20.00 More Details
    The Maggid of Cardo: The Mystic Life of the Eminent Codifier Joseph Caro as Revealed in his Secret Diary - Based on Unpublished Manuscripts
Loeb Gordon, Hirsch 1949 Pardes / The Shoulson Press $20.00 More Details
    Lark Rise.
Thompson, Flora / Casson, Hugh [Intro.] 1979 The Folio Society $15.00 More Details
    Between Worlds: The Life and Thought of Rabbi David ben Judah Messer Leon.
Tirosh-Rothschild, Hava 1991 State University of New York Press $15.00 More Details
    Ussishkin`s Biography
Goldstein, Yossi [Josef] 1999 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $19.70 More Details
    Leopold Zunz: The Man, His Life and Creation, 1794-1886 [IN HEBREW].
Glatzer, Nahum N. The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $13.64 More Details
    From Christianity to Judaism: The Story of Isaac Orobio de Castro.
Kaplan, Yosef / Loewe, Raphael [Tran.] 1989 Oxford University Press $25.00 More Details
    Watchman What of the Night [IN HEBREW]
Yagodovsky, Yitzhak Shashar $13.64 More Details
    Un Hombre en Tres Mundos: Samuel Pallache, un judio marroqui en la Europa protestante u en la catolica
Garcia-Arenaly, Mercedes; Wiegers, Gerard 2006 Siglo $20.00 More Details
    Joseph of Rosheim: Historical Writings
Fraenkel-Goldschmidt, Chava \ Joseph of Rosheim 1996 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $19.70 More Details
    Ben Gourion: Le Prophete Arme
Bar-Zohar, Michel 1966 Fayard $20.00 More Details
    Rabi Moses Isserls (Ramo): His Life, Works, and Ideas; His Colleagues, Pupils, and Descendants [IN HEBREW].
Siev, Asher 1972 Yeshiva University Press $72.73 More Details
    Ba`al Hashem: The Besht - Magic, Mysticism, Leadership [IN HEBREW] [SINGED BY AUTHOR]
Etkes, Immanuel 2000 The Zalman Shazar Center $16.67 More Details
    Star from Jacob: Life and Work of Franz Rosenzweig [IN HEBREW]
Meir, Ephraim ND The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $16.67 More Details
    Dado: 48 Years and 20 Days [The Full Story of the Yom Kippur War and of the Man who Led Israel`s Army].
Bartov, Hanoch / Friedman, Ina [Trans.] 1981 Ma`ariv Book Guild $65.00 More Details
    The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews
Good, Michael 2006 Fordham University Press $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 717) 

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