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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Samuel Belkin: Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW].
Carmilly, Moshe ; Leaf, Hayim [Eds.] 1981 Erna Michael College of Hebraic Studies, Yeshiva University $25.00 More Details
    Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Jiden in Italien Wahrend des Mittelalters
Gudemann, M. [Moritz] 1884 Alfred Holder $30.00 More Details
    Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Culture der Juden in Deutschland Wahrend des XIV. und XV. Jahrhunderts
Gudemann, M. [Moritz] 1888 Alfred Holder $30.00 More Details
    Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Frankreich und Deutschland
Gudemann, M. [Moritz] 1880 Alfred Holder / Begrundung der Judischen Wissenschaft in Diesen Landern bis zur Vertreibung der Juden aus Frankreich $30.00 More Details
    Judaism`s Encounter with Other Cultures: Rejection or Integration?
Schacter. Jacob J. [Ed.] 1997 Jason Aronson $30.00 More Details
    Tradition in Transition: Orthodoxy, Halakhah, and the Boundaries of Modern Jewish Identity.
Ellenson, David 1989 University Press of America $55.00 More Details
    Avodath Hakodech: Temple, Sacrifices, Sanctuaire
Bensimhon, Raphael A. J. Presse $30.00 More Details
    Commentary to the Mishna: Shabbat [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Goldberg, Abraham 1976 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $58.06 More Details
    Prayer in the Period of the Tanna`im and the Amora`im: Its Nature and its Patterns [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT].
Heinemann, Joseph 1966 The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $24.19 More Details
  Mechilta d`Rabbi Ismael: cum variis lectionibus et adnotationibus [IN HEBREW].
Horovitz, H. S. / Rabin, I. A. [Ed.] 1970 Wahrmann Books $30.65 More Details
  Zicharon Josef [IN HEBREW].
Unna, Josef 1983 Hotzaat Hamishpacha $20.97 More Details
  The Messianic Idea in Judaism: And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality.
Scholem, Gershom 1971 Schocken $20.00 More Details
  Sifra on Leviticus: according to Vatican Manuscript Assemani 66 with variants from the other manuscripts, Genizah fragments, early editions and quotations by medieval authorities, and with references to parallel passages and commentaries - Volume IV, Commentary [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Finkelstein, Louis 1990 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $20.97 More Details
  Assia: Original Articles, Abstracts and Reports on Matters of Halacha and Medicine [IN HEBREW] [EIGHT VOLUME SET]
Steinberg, Avraham ; Halperin, Mordechai ; Priner, Yerucham [Ed.] 1989 Rubin Mass $77.42 More Details
  Orthodox Judaism: New Perspectives [IN HEBREW]
Salmon, Yosef ; Ravitzky, Aviezer ; Ferziger, Adam S. [Ed.] 2006 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $20.97 More Details
  Letters of Medieval Jewish Traders
Goitein, S. D. [Shelomo Dov] [Trans.] 1973 Princeton University Press $25.00 More Details
  Das Jahr Des Juden in Brauch und Liturgie
Zobel, Moritz 1936 Schoken $15.00 More Details
  Der Neue Kusari: Ein Weg Zum Judentum
Breuer, Isaac 1934 Rabbiner-Hirsch-Gesellschaft $95.00 More Details
  Gershom Scholem: Kabbalah and Counter-History.
Biale, David 1982 Harvard University $20.00 More Details
  Modern Jewish Studies: Historical and Philosophiocal Perspectives [IN HEBREW].
Mendes-Flohr, Paul R. [Ed.] 1979 The Zalman Shazar Center / The Historical Society of Israel $20.97 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 2791) 

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